Skydiving and parachute jumping in Houston, Texas and South Florida

Skydive Spaceland Jump Organizers

Here are the skydivers that plan fun, often educational, skydives for jumpers of all skill levels and disciplines.

Chuck AkersChuck Akers
Position: Relative Work (Belly Flying) Organizer
Jumps: 5,000+
First Jump: June 1985
Stacey CurryStacey Curry
Position: Relative Work (Belly Flying) Organizer
Jumps: 1500
First Jump: 2007
Skydiving: Favorite Part: The family! The people you meet in skydiving and the camaraderie you develop is beyond words. You share an instant bond and always feel at home with them.
Spacelander Since: I was homegrown at Spaceland. From my first tandems in 2007, through the student program and now on a sponsored team there; I am very fortunate to be at such a wonderful DZ!
Gilaad ElsteinGilaad Elstein
Position: Wingsuit instructor
Jumps: 2,000+, 1,000+ wingsuit jumps
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: Tony Suit wingsuit instructor, PhoenixFly wingsuit coach, AFF instructor
Heath RichardsonHeath Richardson
Position: Freefly Organizer
Jumps: 8,000+
First Jump: 1994