Skydiving and parachute jumping in Houston, Texas and South Florida


Skydive Spaceland Parachute Packers

Skydive Spaceland Parachute Packers

Dec 27, 2011

Who packs your parachute?

Tami Jo GertzTami Jo Gertz
Jumps: 400
First Jump: Skydive USA
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-35833
Brad SauerBrad Sauer
Jumps: Undecided
First Jump: February 2008, Skydive Las Vegas
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: Voted Most Polite, Arthur F. Coney Elementary School (1986), Geography Bee Champion, Truman Middle School (1994), USPA A License
Kelley ThackerKelley Thacker
Jumps: 20
First Jump: Skydive Las Vegas, Boulder City, NV
Will GrovesWill Groves
Jumps: 2500
First Jump: June 1, 2000, Chambersburg, PA
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-License
Cheryl JohnsonCheryl Johnson
Jumps: ????
Chris FudalaChris Fudala
Jumps: 180+
First Jump: Nov. 18, 2012
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: B license