Skydiving and parachute jumping in Houston, Texas and South Florida

Skydive Spaceland Coaches

Here are the coaches rated by the U.S. Parachute Association who help students and other less experienced jumpers turn into rockstars.

Gilaad ElsteinGilaad Elstein
Position: Wingsuit instructor
Jumps: 2,000+, 1,000+ wingsuit jumps
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: Tony Suit wingsuit instructor, PhoenixFly wingsuit coach, AFF instructor
Nigel EvansNigel Evans
Jumps: 192
First Jump: November 23, 2010
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: B-37049, Coach, Regional Judge in Canopy Piloting
Jen GarvinJen Garvin
Jumps: 350+
First Jump: November 2009
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: coach, C-39352, Texas State Altitude Record holder, Texas Women's Altitude Record Holder, National Women's Altitude Record Holder, Big S.I.S.
Adrian GlaveAdrian Glave
Jumps: 400
First Jump: 14th July 2001 at Skydive Brisbane.
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: B-36758, USPA Coach Rating
Gary GreerGary Greer
Jumps: 750+
First Jump: Resurrection Skydive, July 31, 2008, Spaceland (First Skydive June 1, 1968, Bad Tolz Germany)
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-31737, USPA Coach rating
Jeff HolzaepfelJeff Holzaepfel
Jumps: 350+
First Jump: July 24, 1995
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: C-40143, Coach Rating
Jeff HunkeleJeff Hunkele
Jumps: 250+
First Jump: June 2010
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: USPA Coach Rating, C-40151, Texas State Altitude Record holder
Janus HyderJanus Hyder
Jumps: 500+
First Jump: Thanksgiving Day 2009
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: C-39536, Coach, Spaceland 4 way team placing 4th at nationals, only person on the volleyball team who could walk under the net without ducking.
Ben NelsonBen Nelson
Jumps: 1300+
First Jump: March 2009
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: D-31708, USPA Coach Rating, Texas State Altitude Record Holder, Texas State Head Up Vertical Formation Record Holder
Laura ReedLaura Reed
Jumps: 450
First Jump: Dec. 18, 2009
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: C-39339, Coach Rating, Spaceland 4-Way Team Member
Robin WilliamsRobin Williams
Jumps: 250+
First Jump: April 23, 2011
License, Ratings, Accomplishments: C-40131, Coach Rating, Multiple Texas State General & Women's Altitude Records Holder, National Women’s & Multiple Collegiate Altitude Records Holder, USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships 6-way Speed Formation Competitor, [Soon-to-be] Regional FS Judge, Big S.I.S.