Skydiving and parachute jumping in Houston, Texas and South Florida

Celebrity Skydivers at Spaceland

Everyone loves freefall! Here are a few of the high-profile skydivers we’ve trained at Skydive Spaceland:

Celebrity Skydivers

[img src=]5960Andrew Bynum of the L.A. Lakers dwarfs his instructor Donny Leach.
[img src=]5220Andrew Bynum of the L.A. Lakers with instructor Donny Leach.
[img src=]4810Andrew Bynum of the L.A. Lakers enjoys freefall at Skydive Spaceland.
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[img src=]210
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[img src=]170
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[img src=]180
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[img src=]110
[img src=]4230Chilly, the Houston Aeros mascot, jumped for breast cancer awareness at Skydive Spaceland!
Rabbitt Staib, Gabe Presas, Ojinga Green, Chilly, and Jason Hyder before Chilly's jump.
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I can't watch!
[img src=]2990
[img src=]2740
[img src=]2740
Coming in for a smooth landing
[img src=]2420I did it!!!
[img src=]2950
Trent Alkek, Gabe Presas, Chilly, Ojinga Green, and Jason Hyder after Chilly's jump.