Freefly Coaching by Heath Richardson

Heath RichardsonKickstart your freefly education with one of the world’s best!

Freeflying ladies and germs, we have a great opportunity here! Heath Richardson, veteran of 8,000 jumps and 7 years with two of the country’s top freefly teams in the early 2000s, as well as a 3-year member of the Performance Designs Factory Team, has rejoined the sport after some time off and is ready to grow the freeflying discipline at Skydive Spaceland. He’s now available to coach one-on-one and small groups.

You’ll seriously enjoy Heath’s company as well as his coaching! And if he gets booked up, our very own Stephen Boyd, three-time National Champion in freeflying with Spaceland Anomaly and one of the current world record holders for the largest head-down formation, is his backup. How can you lose? The world’s top teams hire coaches to take them to the next level; what do you think a good coach can do for you?

Rates (call Manifest at 281-369-3337 to schedule):

  • 1 jump: $35 plus slots
  • Day rate: $300 plus slots

Fun video of Heath’s freefly team

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