Jump! Shout! World Record Event Fundraising Information

Are you ready to help us help kids with cancer? On Sept. 27, 2014, Skydive Spaceland-Houston and Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF) are attempting to break the current Guinness World Record of 251 tandem skydives completed in a single location in one day by doing 400 or more! The proceeds from this event benefit CCRF, which supports children under 18 and their families facing the hardships of cancer through financial aid, gift, research, and camp programs.

If you are fundraising and planning to skydive, please see this page!

If you want to raise funds but don’t want to skydive, that is perfectly fine! Not everyone wants to jump and we would love to have your support in any way you want to give it. Thank you for your interest in this cause!

You can set up your own fundraising page or donate to someone else who is raising money to skydive over at GroupRev. You can also form fundraising teams for more help!

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Here are more ways you can get involved:



Skydive and raise money to help kids with cancer and their families! Almost anyone 18 years of age and up, and up to 280 pounds, can skydive. Raise at least $300 and get a FREE skydive! Here’s how it works…



If you want to help in addition to or instead of collecting money, help us spread the word about this event! To set a world record and raise as much money as we can, we need all the help we can get! Here’s how you can help promote this event…

Business sponsor


We’d love to have your business’ support for this event! Whether your company would prefer to raise money, build competitive fundraising teams, or sponsor this event for worldwide publicity, there is a way you can help! Learn more…