Safety Day Spaceland-Style

Being completely weathered out at the drop zone is rotten… unless it’s Safety Day at Skydive Spaceland. At this year’s Safety Day, there we no skydives but plenty of education and prizes to be had. More than 50 skydivers got a jump (yes, pun intended!) on their 2012 skydiving seasons with nine seminars on topics ranging from aircraft safety and exit separation to canopy, camera, freefly, and wingsuit safety. See the photo gallery…

The hanging harness emergency procedures station also provided plenty of entertainment, with the harness masters providing more realistic spinning “malfunctions” to cut away from and some instructors discussing and demonstrating various techniques for quickly kicking out of line twists.

And what skydiver doesn’t like free stuff?! Skydivers drew more than 240 participation-based tickets for raffling off prizes at the end of the day in addition to giveaways at the end of each seminar. Prizes from free goggles and T shirts to 25% off Neptune altimeters to free freefly pants, free jumps, and 25% off an Infinity container went home with some very happy skydivers.

Last but definitely not least were the awards presented:

  • The Ches Judy Safety Award to Ori Kuper
  • Dale St. Arbor: 3,000 jumps, 4,000 jumps, and 36 and 48 hours of freefall time
  • Rory Corrigan: 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 jumps and 12, 24, and 36 hours of freefall time

Skydive Spaceland would like to offer a big thank you to DJ Marvin of The Ratings Center and instructor Jay Veenendaal for organizing Safety Day events, and to our seminar presenters Jay, DJ, Liz Sass, Stephen Rosier, Kritter Weiss, Rabbitt Staib, Rory Corrigan, Bart Stonestreet, and JP Furnari.

Thanks also to our prize sponsors:

Let’s make 2012 the safest skydiving year to date!

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