Skydiver Training Tip: Finding Your Match

When you get ready to skydive for the first time, you put the ultimate trust in your instructor. You trust that person to gear you up, give you the freefalling time of your life, and deliver you softly back to the real world on the ground. The relationship between first-time student and instructor is an intense one, albeit often short-lived for those who choose to make only one jump.

When you decide to skydive again and start training for your skydiving license, you again put your trust in an instructor to train you to save your life, but now without being next to you at all times. All of our Skydiver Training Program instructors are more than qualified to give you the knowledge you need to skydive safely; many have several thousand skydives and many years of practice skydiving and training students just like you.

With that said, however, not every instructor clicks perfectly with every student. Just like in any other kind of school, some instructors’ communication/training styles will suit some personalities better than others. The good news is that we have several instructors on staff here at Spaceland! So if you feel that your current instructor isn’t quite the perfect match for you, you can request a different instructor who may work better with your personality and needs. It’s very important to your skydiving education and your safety for you to be comfortable working with your instructor, and to be comfortable asking questions for clarification.

Some skydiving students enjoy working with different instructors who all have different perspectives, while others like to stick with the same instructor throughout the program. We will always work with you to provide an instructor who will best fit your training needs, because we want you to succeed in your skydiving goals just as much as you do!

We understand that it can be a little intimidating to ask for a change of instructor; feel free to reach out to our chief instructor in person at the drop zone, via email, or chat with our office staff in person or on the phone. We will all be happy to help you find your perfect instructor match and watch you soar through the program!