Tandem Group Organizer Checklist

More skydivers = more fun = more savings, up to $50 each for your friends and a free skydive for you! Here’s how the group rates work:

  • All jumpers must have $50 deposits or skydives paid in full at least 24 hours before your reservation time in order to get the group discount. Late additions (within 24 hours) will pay full price.
  • Pay your group’s deposits or fees in full all together below in a single transaction, then call us at 281-369-3337 to get your organizer’s rate.
  • If anyone in your group would like to purchase the video/photos, direct them to do so online. There are no discounts on skydiving video.
  • Scheduling hot tip: Come to Skydive Spaceland as early as you can in the day to reduce any wait times!
  • Share your skydiving reservation with your friends and family on Facebook! Get more people to come with you by creating an event on Facebook and sharing it with everyone you know.
  • When you come to Skydive Spaceland, bring the list of names of jumpers whose skydives were purchased or deposits were paid online.
  • Everyone must bring their IDs.
  • Read our Common Skydiving Questions page and ask your group to read it as well so everyone knows what kind of clothing to wear (and what not to wear!), whether to eat beforehand, etc.
  • Check out our group rates page

We look forward to skydiving with you and your friends/family!

Book now to save your spots if you haven’t already!

Pay in full and save $20 or more depending on the size of your group!

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Put down $50 deposits per person and save $20!

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