Unlimited Jump Package


How many jumps can YOU do in a year?

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Ready for a year of cheap jumping bliss? Snag an unlimited jump package for 2019 as a gift to yourself! 

How many jumps can you do in a year? What if your jumps got cheaper the more you jumped? What if you never had to bother with paying manifest at the end of the day, and never had to worry about whether you have enough money to jump your tail off that weekend?

All of this can be yours in 2019 with our Unlimited Jump Package! Buy a package and jump all you want in 2019, at any current and future Skydive Spaceland location, with this package. Just think of how cheap your jumps could be! And we have FIVE turbine dropzones where you can use this package (and growing)!*

But HURRY! This offer is limited.

* Unlimited 2019 jump package is nonrefundable and nontransferable, and applies to standard-altitude and hop-and-pop lift tickets for current, licensed skydivers jumping at all current and future Skydive Spaceland locations in 2019. Gear rental not included. Excludes specialty aircraft and fees added onto regular jump ticket prices (oxygen, formation loads, extra altitude, night jumps, etc.). For team jumps, this package will cover your slot but not your part of your videographer’s slot.