Put Your Rig on Right

Have you ever felt like your leg straps were sliding up your legs while sit flying? It’s a horrible feeling! Maybe it’s because, like many skydivers, you’re not putting your rig on quite right. If you tighten up your leg straps before your chest strap, chances are your container and hip rings will sit lower on your body, making it easier for your leg straps to get out of position when you’re sit flying.

Instead, tighten your chest strap first. This will keep your container and hip rings higher up on your body and make it harder for your leg straps to slide up.

Another tip is to use a bungee cord of the proper length through the tiny loops on your leg pads to keep your leg straps from spreading too far apart and sliding up your legs.

Thanks to Instructor/Examiner DJ Marvin for this week’s tip! If you have any questions about rig fit or adjustment, just ask one of our instructors for help.

About the Author: DJ Marvin

DJ Marvin is a career skydiver, USPA Coach Examiner, USPA Accelerated Freefall Instructor/Examiner, USPA/UPT Tandem Instructor/Examinar, Canopy Coach, and owner of The Ratings Center.

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  1. Nice quick post. This makes sense and I had definitely heard different opinions so it’s nice to see an authoritative post. Mummy question is, how do you gauge the “proper length” of the strap bungee.

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