Drop Zone Improvements

LockersWe have a little remodeling going on in the packing area! We’re building bench lockers along the west wall so more people can store their gear here at the drop zone. The lockers will be $100/year, same as the tall ones on the south side, and they will be 24″ tall x 24″ deep x 30″ wide. Call manifest at 1-800-SKYDIVE / 281-369-3337 to reserve one, as they’re almost half gone already!

Individuals’ portable locker cases will be moved out of the way for now, and once the bench lockers are done they will be moved to the maintenance hangar. You’re more than welcome to continue storing them there and roll them out to the packing area when you come out to jump.

There will also be pipe rig posts mounted up high near the ceiling along parts of that wall, so the wooden rig racks will be going away as well.

For the teams and other skydivers using video, there will be additional wall-mounted debrief stations set up on that wall with shelving for HD video boxes, etc. So pardon the improvement dust–we hope you enjoy the changes! Let us know if you have any questions.

Lastly, we’ve been updating our records on the tall lockers on the south wall and we have a few that are occupied, but we don’t know by whom. If you are using a tall locker, please give us a call at 281-369-3337 to bring us up to speed; otherwise the unidentified ones will be cleaned out on January 1.

How much can you get in a 24x24x30-inch locker? Four small/medium-size rigs with room to spare.