Skydive Spaceland Teams Rock the USPA National Skydiving Championships!

Congratulations to our home teams! Skydive Spaceland teams seriously cleaned up last week at the 2011 United States Parachute Association National Skydiving Championships! Congratulations to everyone who won medals and competed; there was a lot of hard work showcased on the podium this year. Skydive Spaceland is extremely proud of all of our jumpers who competed this year; you represented us well!

Spaceland Lite, gold medalists in advanced 4-way

Spaceland Lite took home gold in the Advanced 4-way formation skydiving division,
beating Fallout by a single point (whew!).

SPX8, gold medalists in intermediate 8-way

SPX8 scored gold medals in the 8-way Intermediate division.

Spaceland Lite & Mamba, bronze medalists in intermediate 8-way

Spaceland Lite+Mamba followed up with bronze medals in the same category.

Deguello 17, bronze medalists in 16-way

Deguello 17 also scored bronze medals, in the 16-way event.

Spaceland Havoc, advanced 4-way competitors

Spaceland Havoc

Spaceland Mamba, advanced 4-way competitors

Spaceland Mamba

Sunshine/Buttercups 4-way team


Point Taken 8-way team

Point Taken

Texans 10-way team'


We also had a number of jumpers competing with non-local teams, most notably Brian Ball (Honey Badgers, bronze in 4-way vertical formation skydiving) and Bart Stonestreet (silver in Canopy Formation Rotation with Too Wrapped Up). Congratulations, everyone, and thanks for competing!

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