Skydiving to Fight Cancer with Alana Wilson of Jumps for Hope (8/31/12)


August 16, 2012

Contact (Jumps for Hope): Alana Wilson, 507-458-7905,
Contact (Skydive Spaceland): Christy West, Marketing/Communications Director, Skydive Spaceland

Rosharon, Texas (Aug. 16)—Have you or any of your family/friends been affected by cancer? Fight back with freefall! On August 31, 2012, first-time skydivers at Skydive Spaceland (just south of Houston, Texas) can opt to raise funds for the American Cancer Society while skydiving, through the efforts of Alana Wilson of Jumps for Hope.

Wilson, a Minnesota resident whose father died of cancer at age 49, started Jumps for Hope to raise at least $5,000 for the American Cancer Society in his memory. Her goal is to complete 50 skydives before she reaches 50 years of age (she’s currently 44).

“My father didn’t get to see 50, so it’s kind of a magic number for me,” she said.

So far, Wilson has done 17 tandem skydives at Skydive Twin Cities in Minnesota and she will be visiting Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon on August 31 to take Jumps for Hope “on tour.” She’ll be arriving at 8:30 am to skydive, then spending most of the day at Skydive Spaceland to chat and connect with other skydivers, cancer survivors, and supporters.

First-time skydivers who wish to support Jumps for Hope and the American Cancer Society can book their skydives online at or notify Spaceland upon arrival that they would like to pay the Jumps for Hope rate ($225) and support the American Cancer Society. Skydive Spaceland will donate $46 of each Jumps for Hope tandem directly to the American Cancer Society.  Jumps must be reserved for Wilson’s jump date of August 31, 2012.

“I’m very excited and appreciate the opportunity Skydive Spaceland has offered to help make Jumps for Hope a success,” Wilson said.


About Jumps for Hope

Jumps for Hope was founded by Alana Wilson in 2012 to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society in her deceased father’s honor. 100% of all donations benefit the American Cancer Society. Until now, skydives benefiting Jumps for Hope occurred at Skydive Twin Cities in Wilson’s home state of Minnesota (and will continue to do so). More information:

Donate to the American Cancer Society via Jumps for Hope:

About Skydive Spaceland

Skydive Spaceland is a three-generation family-owned and -operated skydiving business located in Rosharon, Texas, about 20 minutes south of downtown Houston, Texas. First opened for business in February 2000 by Steve Boyd, Sr., Skydive Spaceland has grown into a truly world-class skydiving facility open 7 days a week and capable of handling hundreds of skydivers jumping daily. More than 100,000 skydiving students have been instructed at Spaceland and the center facilitates about 70,000 skydives per year.

Skydive Spaceland has also played host to the world’s largest skydiving competition, the United States Parachuting Association National Skydiving Championships (2009), as well as several other large competitions including the U.S. National Collegiate Parachuting Championships and multiple U.S. National Canopy Piloting Championships. Several state records have also been set at Spaceland including the Texas State Record 150-person skydive in 2007, 168-person skydive in 2011, and multiple Women’s Texas State Record skydives held jointly as fundraisers for Jump for the Rose, a local breast cancer diagnosis and treatment facility.

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