Throw Pepper From a Plane

Skydiving + free car giveaway = a very fun Saturday, Sept. 1 at Skydive Spaceland! Sarah Pepper from Hot 95.7 FM will be doing her first skydive around lunchtime onto a grid of 126 five-foot squares, and whoever has the square she lands on wins a brand new Mazda 3! Drop zone manager Jason will be on 95.7FM early Friday morning to talk to Sarah about her skydive, so tune in for the scoop!

The staff of Hot 95.7 will be at Skydive Spaceland for much of Saturday to bring everyone some tunes, talk, and fun, and all 126 contestants plus friends will be on hand to watch Sarah skydive. Come on out and join us for a ton of fun! More details at

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  1. Sarah, I want to jump with you my parents live about 10 min from there and I have always wanted to jump!! Plus it’s almost my bday(sep22) and it would be a GREAT birthday present!!

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